Fattima Loreen’s clinic is located in centre of Copenhagen where she offers her clients an opportunity to re-connect with their true essence. She uses Facereading as her guiding tool to help unveil hidden traits and talents in the faces of the people that she reads. Many people who come to Fattima Loreen leave with a bounce in their step and a greater knowledge of themselves. She is one of the few people in Denmark doing Facereading.

She also offers morning meditation sessions in her space for busy commuters.

With a degree in acupuncture and in-depth knowledge of ancient Chinese techniques she is a powerful ally for anyone undergoing changes in their lives. If you are interested in learning and want to know more about Facereading, there is a special introductory online course taught by Fattima Loreen that you can buy here: Introduction to Facereading. A more in-depth course in Facereading in English will become available to buy in 2020.

Her holistic practice also include non-surgical facelift treatments (CACI) and relaxing massages for both the body and the soul. You can find an overview of the treatments offered at the clinic or online here: Treatments