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What is facereading and how did it start?

Facereading, or what is also known as “Chinese facereading”, was a practice that begain in China during the Ming Dynasty.

The Emperor would have his beautiful concubines treated by Chinese medicine doctors. The concubines would receive many cosmetic acupuncture treatments in order to keep their vitality and beauty. At the time the doctors were not allowed to look at or examine the bodies of the Emperors’ concubines to check their health, instead they learned to look at the face to diagnose and look for symptoms of disease.

Later on, as the the techniques became increasingly refined, facereading became normal and the rest of the country would use this for health, business, coaching and for fortune telling.

Today,facereading is being used in many different ways, and in many different countries such as China, America and most European countries. There is a new trend to use facereading professionally, reading emotions, talents and abilities. Facereading is used and practised in many variations.

The renowned American psychologist, Paul Ekman, who wrote the book “Emotional awareness: Overcoming the obstacles to Psychological Balance and Compassion” with the Dalai Lama, invented the concept “facial emotion analysis”. He uses these techniques to teach, among others, employers of the CIA and security staff at airports to become better at spotting potential threats. He also wrote Tim Roths’ character for the American TV-series “Lie to me”, and it was using these same principles that Pixar Animation Studios developed the facial characteristics of cartoon figures in “Inside out”.

Many people use facereading in order to learn to understand themselves better. To go deeper into their essence of who they really are, letting go of unnecessary thought patterns and emotional patterns that do not serve them any longer. They also use it as a tool to reveal their innate talents, abilities and potential to the world. Being able to use these talents and abilities and knowing how to do this is a very uplifting and powerful way of life.

By letting go of old patterns and old energies that weigh us down, we make more time and space for the lighter, calmer and joyful feelings.

Facereading is useful if you are looking to change jobs, career, to be guided in your personal life or love life. Some people are simply curious to know what their faces tell about them! As a rule of thumb, it best to be at least 25 years of age when you receive a facereading as your facial features will be fully developed at this age.

So in short, we can say that you come into the world with your original face. The soul’s purpose is shown here – then life happens. Some life trauma occurs to most people and in a facereading I am able to un-peel the layers that no longer serve you. For me trauma is a life force that happens, find out what you learned from this and let go of the rest. A facereading really puts light on this topic. The combination of your soul, your DNA and your talents is your life’s recipe . Your path is unique and fits your soul’s purpose. Book your own facereading with Fattima Loreen today and discover your true essence.


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